Wednesday, 2 December 2015

My first blog!!! The happiness I felt in life after seeing two lines!

Nov 27, 2013! Aha its the day my pregnancy test was positive after 45 days. My heart knew no bounds, I wanted to jump up, I wished to run like a mad in streets huh but I am scared of all the myths I have heard before about pregnancy. My mother and me went for a regular checkup that morning to make sure why my periods are missed, When the gynocologist confirmed about my pregnancy, my mother was very happy, first time I felt a self happiness from that selfless lady. Later I called my husband and I was trying so many ideas before to convey it to him but at last it ended up in a comedy! yup I called him to tell I am pregnant, he replied back dont play prank over me I am in a meeting. Grrr i was screwed up and want to fight but then I understood huh nothing is planned then why should I blame him.

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